( Dr. Puja Taneja Malhotra, PHD. )

Dr. Puja Taneja Malhotra is trained in Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Dance therapy. She is also trained in REBT for Anger management and uses relaxation and releasing techniques, as well as art based therapies.

She's been working as a Consultant for more than 7 years and has designed and conducted programs / trainings containing special modules on Hypnotherapy, Hypnobirthing, Health & Lifestyle management, Emotional Empowerment, Stress Management, Anger Management, Interpersonal Relationships, and Goal clarity.

If you are one of them who thinks and feels that it's our responsibility to make our life and world beautiful, then we all can work towards it................

Her forte has been developing techniques which enable people to heal themselves (physically and psychologically) using the power of their mind (through meditation & relaxation techniques) and empowering people to utilize emotions as their core strength.

  Professional Qualification

•  Clinical Hypnotherapy (Ericsonian Hypnotherapy), 2008, American Board of Hypnotherapy
•  Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, 2008, American Board of NLP
•  Dance Therapy, 2007, Tripura Kashyup (Dance Therapist), Delhi
•  Psychological Counselling 2001, Christian Counselling centre, Vellore
Cognitive Behavioural Approaches to Anger Management, 2001, by Prof. Howard Kassinove,    Chairman, Department of Psychology, Hofstra University, New York, USA

Dr. Puja Taneja Malhotra, Ph.D
Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP

Psychological Consultant (Trainer),
Clinical Hypnotherapy (Ericksonian)
and NLP Practitioner