About Us

Esho Funi- a Japanese phrase means "oneness of self" and "environment", this is well explained in the writings of a Buddhist philosopher 'Nichiren Daishonin' as. "self" (any body: human, animal or object) has a shadow - "environment", and when the body moves the shadow moves with it. In other words, Life is an integral part of the vast universe and one cannot be separated from another.

This rule applies to everything; one's physical, psychological and emotional state effects the environment (home, workplace, and people around) and vice-versa. It is so easy to blame the environment, but have we ever thought on what we are doing to keep our environment healthier and happy!!

If you are one of them who thinks and feels that it's our responsibility to make our life and world beautiful, then we all can work towards it.

I can help you in becoming self-aware, more positive, healthier (physically, psychologically, emotionally), recognizing your potential, and much more.