Welcome to Esho Funi Consultants

Hello and Welcome to Esho Funi Consultants website. I am Ph.D. in Psychology with specialization in stress wellbeing relationship, understanding the effect of emotional maturity, personality type and social class on our well being. This vast topic has given me opportunity to understand broader spectrum of mind-body co-ordination and how to use different techniques to create balance in life.

Continuing on my learning path, I am also a trained Ericksonian Hypnotherapist, Dance Therapist and NLP Practitioner. I believe this is just a beginning of the process of learning and deepening the understanding into mystery of functioning of mind, I am dedicated to continue development programs and to add on to my skills of using therapies in betterment of life.

I use different techniques of psychotherapy to work with you on wide range of challenges. I am based in Manama, capital city of Bahrain. My office is in a quiet and relaxed atmosphere and I work on a one-to-one basis with complete confidentiality whilst adhering to a strict code of ethics.

My initial session lasts around 120 minutes and during the consultation I will answer any questions and ease any doubts you might have, allowing you to make an informed decision about how to tailor therapy to your needs. Each of my further sessions last around 60 minutes and are structured to suit individual needs. As we progress towards goals, I can assure that you will be learning techniques and skills to improve and enhance life.